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Diamond Grading and the 4C’s

As diamonds are made by the earth over millions of years no two diamond are exactly alike.  Therefore to compare diamonds between one another they are grading into four different categories called the 4C’s:


Colour: How colourless is the stone  Perfectly clear or white diamonds are rare.  Many large chain retail stores typcially sell jewellery with diamonds from J - K quality.  Here at Lifestyle Designs we prefer to supply better quality diamonds around the G-H range or higher.

Carat Weight: The weight of the stone.

Clarity: The number of the imperfections or flaws in the stone.  The further down the scale you go the more you are likely to be able to see those imperfections with the naked eye.  Many large retail stores typically have jewellery with I clarity.  At Lifestyle Designs we choose to supply stone of SI or better clarity.

Cut: The shape of the diamond as well as the quality of its cut.  Cut impacts on how well the stone sparkles.

Once a diamond is graded using these four categories it can be valued by a certified valuer.   At Lifestyle Designs, diamonds can be supplied with grading certifications on request (there may be additional costs for this service).

Servicing your Jewellery

Quality jewellery just like other valuable assets should be serviced regularly.  Every 6-12 months it should be checked by a professional.  At the same time it can be cleaned and polished to keep it looking amazing.

Insurance Tips

Some jewellery is covered under house and contents premiums.  However, most insurers will only cover jewellery over a certain amount if it is listed specifically on your policy.  In addition most policies will not cover jewellery lost or damage outside the home without additional cover being arranged.  We strongly recommend you contact your insurer for detailed advice.

Jewellery Care

In between services you can keep your jewellery looking its best by cleaning it weekly.  To do this place it in a bowl of hot  water and liquid dishwashing detergent (except for delicate gems such as pearls and opals etc - if in doubt call or drop us an email), soak your item until water becomes luke warm, then rinse in a separate bowl of warm water.  Removing jewellery before you have a shower, wash the dishes, or partake in sporting activities will also help to keep it looking fantastic between cleans.